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My Videos

All my newer videos are HD in both computer and mobile formats in my club!

Anniversary Warm Up (7+ Min HD Video mobile compatible)

Today was a special day for Chris and me. It was our 13 yr. anniversary…WOW time fly’s by...He took the day off work and took me out to lunch at my favorite place, Sushi… I was so stuffed but when we came home he had other plans...hehe I was so caught off guard. This was just a warm up for later this evening but we wanted to share with all of you. CLICK HERE!

Backyard Smoking (8+ Min HD Video w/mobile format)

Today I was in a naughty mood I wanted to get into some kind of trouble. Hehe It was so pretty outside but damn, it was cold. I went out for a smoke which I never do (only when I’m drunk or have an attitude) and decided to bring you along. I was way nervous that a neighbor would see me because I was in the open. As I was out there the cars where driving by and you can see right into my yard with the chain link fence..hehe I can say I was having so much fun and my attitude came out in me a little. Did you notice it? CLICK HERE!

Ride It Girl (7+ Min HD Video w/mobile format)

This morning I cleaned the sheets and took my shower to be nice and clean for you. I invited you over for some fun in my bedroom….I pulled out a chair for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. I want you only to watch and try to control yourself. You think you can do that?? Hehe I bet you can’t while I’m bouncing on this big cock for you ... See you in my room CLICK HERE!

Just You & Me! (6+ Min HD Video w/mobile format)

Today it’s just you and me. I want you to send your girl away so we can have our time together. I haven’t seen you in a while and I have missed your touch so much. I put on your favorite lingerie and ready to get it on with you. CLICK HERE for the full video in my club and let's get busy :)!

Boss Is Gone (4+ Min HD Video w/mobile format)

It was a Tuesday morning and I was working really hard getting all my paper work done before the dead line at lunch. Once it was all turned in my boss took her lunch. As she went out I opened up the drawer and found my little blue friend to play with ... I need to be very quit so no one can hear me ... HEHE! What would you do if you walked in on me playing with my pussy?? CLICK HERE!

Curves In My Tight Ass Dress (5+ Min HD Video w/mobile format)

I woke up this morning and was feeling in the mood to be naughty and do something I haven’t done for you yet ... hehe I put on my makeup and did my hair but added a little something different, more hair. I slide on this tight ass black dress and my high boot.

I enjoy a little anal stimulation once in a while and if you know me by now I don’t do this often. I do get really turned on. A small anal probe toy inserted into me while I was in the chair with my eyes closed fully enjoying the sensation of deep penetration. On my knees with one hand I slid the probe in and out as I groaned with delicious pleasure and pain. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did ... hehe! CLICK HERE!

Bouncing and Squishing Boobies (7+ Min HD Video w/mobile format)

Hey guys, I want you to come join me inside my member area to watch me as I slowly take down my top. I will squish and bounce my big 42DD tits for you. pussy. CLICK HERE!

Masturbating In the Kitchen (10+ Min HD Video w/mobile format)

Im feeling very tense today, and have an incredibly strong yearning for release. It has been five days of complete abstinence, an entire sexless week. As I hop up on the kitchen counter my breath increases and my heart races as I make my decision and allow my fingertips to rub against my clit in mesmerizing circles. I lean back on the counter as I move so that my left hand holds a breast, while my right continues to work magic on my pink pussy. My clit throbs and pulses, I moan and gasp as the incredible climax raging through my body while I cum. CLICK HERE!

Hiding Out (HD Video! in both Computer and Mobile Formats) - I’m so damn horny and need to get off now… HeHe I’m hiding out in the bathroom with my pink dildo and want you to join me but we have to be very quiet so no one in the house can hear us. So unzip those pants and let’s get started ... CLICK HERE FOR FULL 7+ MIN. HD DILDO FUCKING VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Only Stockings (HD Video! in both Computer and Mobile Formats) - I love these sexy hot pink & black stockings with nothing else on… I am feeling so hot!! I want you to come into my bedroom and watch my glass dildo go in and out of my wet pussy for you. Maybe you want to throw me down on the bed so you can put your face right between my legs and give me a good licking..HeHe I promise to return the favor! But wait, I get caught by hubby playing with myself for you. I dropped the dildo and shook my big phat ass for him then bent over and let him give it to me good…

Do You Want Me? (HD Video! in both Computer and Mobile Formats) - I received a great gift in the mail the other day, you know how you are ... wolf ... So I thought I would share with you just one of them. I know you want me in your bed today. Lay me down so you can pull down my panties and put your big black cock in my tight white pussy. What are you waiting for I am in your room waiting ... CLICK HERE FOR FULL 11+ MIN. HD DILDO FUCKING VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Fucking Bedpost (HD Video! in both Computer and Mobile Formats) - I always wanted to slap my big dildo on the bedpost and try it out. I backed up to the big dildo and felt it slowly go inside my pussy. As started to move back and forth I could feel my lips stretch with every movement. Little by little I could feel my body working its way to an orgasm. I was dripping wet as my pink pussy was holding on to the dildo tight tell I cum. And If that wasn’t enough the camera man wanted to join in on the fun ... CLICK HERE FOR FULL 11+ MIN. HD SEX VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Sexual Sunday (HD Video! in both Computer and Mobile Formats) - Hey guys its Sexual Sunday ... the best day ever…Right Guys !! hehe I have been waiting all day to get hubby alone, impatiently wet and ready for a good fuck. I set up the camera so I could share this moment with you. You will hear us just being a normal couple who loves to have fun in the bedroom. What are you waiting for ... Come on in to my bedroom for some sucking and fucking. CLICK HERE FOR FULL 13+ MIN. HD SEX VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
All Oiled Up! (HD Video!) - Did I hear you say oil up that body? I’m in the bathroom and completely nude ... There’s nothing like getting out the oil and rubbing it all over my big boobies and plump ass. Mmmm I get all slippery and wet when my hand slides down to my pussy ... Hehe! CLICK HERE FOR THE SLIPPERY HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Shower Surprise! (HD Video w/Hubby's Happy Ending!) - It was a late night during the week and I had put all the kids down for bed and needed a shower. So I started off all soaped up for you and was going to give you a solo shower video but hubby got off work and snuck in the shower with me. I was so surprised I had to kiss him. You know one thing lead to another and I got off 2 times and a happy ending all over my big tits.CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Friday Pussy Play! - It’s Friday and I had a long day taking care of my grandpa. When I got home I wanted to masturbate and imagine you watching me. I took off my pants and thongs and went to it. This is a simple video of what I like to do a lot. hehe ... when I’m all by myself. Come on in and watch me take it slow ... CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Bon Bon Pleasure - I was watching some hot girl on girl porn this morning and was getting all wet and horny. I got so wet I wanted to play to. I got out my favorite big 8 inch cock and put it on my BonBon. I have a pair of my new panties on but take them off to ride that cock. This will be one of many BonBon play time clips for you. CLICK HERE!